Our Story

 She Moves Mountains is a female-focused rock climbing guide service located in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast.

We are creating an empowering space for women to challenge their perceived limitations and hone their strengths through rock climbing. This company was founded at Smith Rock in 2017 before coming to the Chattanooga area a year later. By opening a location on the East Coast, our goal is to expand rock climbing opportunities to women across the United States.

Female climbers are equally as capable as their male counterparts, but the way women approach learning and communication can vary greatly. We create an avenue for aspiring climbers to find their place within the climbing community among female mentors who teach with methodical and encouraging methods. By learning technical safety skills and creating the necessary base of knowledge, our students leave clinics feeling comfortable and confident in the vertical world.

She Moves Mountains operates under all the certifications required by the American Mountain Guide Association. At a minimum, each instructor is Wilderness First Aid certified and has climbed outside for over 3 years in various climbing disciplines to ensure the most quality guiding experience.