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During university, Savannah was introduced to rock climbing and was immediately hooked. From bouldering to big walls she has accomplished objectives all over North America. Turning her passion into a career she brought the SMM mission to the East Coast to bring more opportunities for women in climbing. Her contagious enthusiasm will have you captivated by the outdoors and have you sucked into the sport of rock climbing. She’s also a fan of all things Carl Sagan so space nerds delight!

“After graduating from university, I quickly realized how you contribute to society is directly correlated with your means of going about it. What you do for work, how much you care for it, and your ability to make an impact. 
For me, my passion and profession are deeply intertwined, just like the love I have for my home in the south. Creating a company that culminates all of these things has become possible with the support of women and men who believe in the mission of She Moves Mountains.”