Crack Technique w/ Kathy Karlo

Photo By Irene Yee-M60C5732.jpg
Photo By Irene Yee-M60C5732.jpg

Crack Technique w/ Kathy Karlo



Come learn how to climb cracks from one of the best lady crack crushers the south has ever seen.

Kathy has ticked off many challenging crack climbs across the nation in a variety of styles (see Fist of Fury in cover photo). Her expertise will be utilized in beginner and intermediate/advanced clinics, held during the last weekend of February.

Beginner Crack Technique
Saturday, February 23rd

This clinic is for all of those who are curious about the basics of crack.
Get a general overview of the different techniques used to scale various splitters and unlock the secret to comfy hand jamming. Details like avoiding entanglement of the rope, where to place gear without compromising future jams, and how to maximize the use of feet in the crack will be covered in this one-day clinic.

Intermediate/Advanced Crack Technique
Sunday, February 24th

Understand the basics and ready to learn more intricate techniques to splitters? Take the intermediate/advanced clinic to discover finger locking, o-dubs, advanced hand-stacking, and so much more! This clinic will be catered to each individual's goals with opportunities for one on one instruction.

Kathy will be instructing these two crack clinics with She Moves Mountains East Coast owner and AMGA certified guide, Savannah Manning.

Take either (or both) of these courses to become a more well-rounded climber and gain knowledge to conquer your own personal climbing goals.


Max Ratio - 4:1 (Climber:Guide)

Capacity - 8

Minimum Enrollment - 2

Climber Requirements: A desire to learn how to climb cracks. Ability to climb 5.9 in the gym on top-rope. Ability to safely top-rope belay. Ability to tie your figure eight follow through.

Cost Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions: Included in the course cost; all climbing gear, climbing permits, and the guide fee.

Exclusions: Not included in the course cost; gratuities to guide, transportation, lodging/camping fees, meals while on the course and travel insurance.

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