Leading Sport

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Leading Sport


At the lead climbing clinic, we will teach the knowledge and skills required to lead sport climbing routes.

We will begin our day with a thorough introduction to lead climbing before we begin climbing. The first hour of on-the-ground instruction will cover aspects like gear, safety, clipping, rope management, etc. 

At the crag we will set up top-ropes on routes from 5.7-5.10 and provide everyone the opportunity to mock-lead a climb. This allows each climber a chance to practice clipping the quickdraws and managing the rope from the security of a top-rope.  

If a climber demonstrates the ability to lead safely during their mock-lead we will open up opportunities to lead climbs.

For more advanced sport climbers or for those who are already leading in the gym we will put an emphasis on mental strategies, managing fear, and risk assessment.

Mental strategies are important for understanding and controlling fear and pump on a route. We will address what aspects during the leading process cause each individual the greatest adversity and define ways of improving.

The group will be divided into experience levels if the clinic is full. 4:1 guide ratio at maximum.

This is a TWO DAY course held near the Chattanooga, TN, area.

In the event of cancellation, 75% of your payment will be refunded if we are given 60 day notice

25% of your payment will be refunded if we are given 30 day notice

In the case of cancellation by SMMEC due to weather or otherwise- a full refund or credit towards a reschedule date will be given.

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